Art from Burma was at the Prospect Burma ‘Summer Event’

Art from Burma is proud of partnering with Prospect Burma, a non-political educational charity dedicated to supporting the education of Burmese students. Prospect Burma gives young Burmese people access to education – one of the United Nation’s fundamental human rights.


As an example of this ongoing partnership,  Art from Burma was pleased to contribute to the 2011 art auction  a watercolour by Moe Nyo and an acrylic by Soe Aung. For information about Prospect Burma, and future events contact


‘The future of my country lies in the hands of the younger generation. Under the present military government the whole educational system is neglected and higher education is virtually non-existent with the frequent closure and repressive control of the universities.


Prospect Burma is a non-political charity which does its best to fill the gap. It funds scholarships for young Burmese, most of whom have been forced to look for their education abroad. It arranges training and educational courses in Thailand and elsewhere. I warmly commend its work to you, and hope that you might be able to offer it financial help.’

Aung San Suu Kyi signature
Aung San Suu Kyi